Firefighters revive puppies with CPR

Cancel the rest of the Internet because a crew of North Las Vegas firemen responded to a blaze and found unresponsive puppies, which they then revived using CPR.

The blaze—which started as an accidental kitchen fire—tore through the one-story, single-family home and, by the time the firefighters arrived, had engulfed the house in a bevy of flames and smoke. When the firemen ran in to battle the flames, they found two puppies who were unresponsive.

While searching the house, firefighters found two unresponsive puppies. Crews performed CPR, eventually reviving the young canines, much to the delight of onlookers who applauded the crews efforts. Officials said the puppies were seen running around while crews took care of the remnants of the fire.

Give them medals and cancel the rest of the Internet because that too adorable and we all just can't even, right now. [Las Vegas Review-Journal, h/t Jezebel]