Finally, a photo shows Jay Z throwing $2 bills in Philly

Jay Z throws $2 bills into the crowd at Made in America on Saturday, Aug. 30, 2014. Photo at right was taken minutes earlier, as he was standing at crowd level behind security, by Nicole Rechter of Lindenwold.

We were previously sent photos of $2 bills supposedly thrown by Jay Z during Steve Aoki's performance Saturday night at the Made in America concert in Philadelphia.

We were also sent photos of Jay Z, off stage, standing at crowd level, supposedly before he threw $2 bills into the air several times.

Now, we finally have a photo of HOV himself hurling some double-dollars out over the audience.

"Several hundred" were thrown, according to the concert-affiliated source, who asked not to be identified.

Also corroborated was a connection to wealthy lawyer Steve Reisman, known to distribute $2 bills to hip hop and rap stars as lucky charms.

"Jay appeared to be standing with Steve Reisman on Saturday, and I saw Steve throwing them at Tiesto on Sunday," the source said.

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