Facebook rallies behind Wegmans employee with Asperger syndrome

Chris Tuttle has been working at a Wegmans in Clay, New York for seven years. On Sunday, his sister authored a Facebook post describing an encounter her brother had over the weekend while working one of the check-out lines at that Wegmans. It was an unpleasant interaction with a customer...

He is my little brother and yesterday at Wegmans, a customer yelled at him and then in the middle of her transaction, left to complain loudly to a manager, came back to his line and he was so shaken, dropped a candle she bought on the ground and it shattered. Luckily the manager took him off register immediately because clearly he was upset. The customer's problem? Chris was checking her out...TOO SLOW and she was furious. She yelled at him, the manager and anyone else who would listen.

The problem, though, was that Chris was still rattled when he got home. His sister writes that this is because Asperger's makes it difficult for him to let things go. After talking with him about it for a while, she decided to appeal to friends and family on Facebook to see if they could help cheer Chris up.

Some people are just unaware of how their actions effect others and how their rudeness needs to be ignored and that it has nothing to do with him. I tell him all the time, some people will "get you" and some won't. The people that "get you" those people are your friends, focus your energy there.
Hugs and kisses to Wegmans for employing him for 7 years, for giving him a chance, for giving him a life, a job to look forward to everyday and understanding managers, despite his disabilities. xoxo
Chris deserves better and if he's ever put a smile on your heart, could you let him know? Could you leave a comment or the next time you go to Wegmans, could you tell him? I want him to have a better day

To say that they responded would be an understatement. Since the post went up two days ago, it has been shared more than 14,000 times and garnered nearly 100,000 likes. Additionally, there are about 15,000 encouraging comments beneath the post, where people have been trying to cheer Chris up.

Here's to hoping that Chris has a better time at work this week than last and that the Internet continues to use its powers for good, rather than trolling. [h/t Gawker]