Facebook knows you're in Philly, not just 'near Camden'


If you've ever chatted with someone on Facebook or authored a post on the site with a location tag while you were physically located in the city of Philadelphia, then you probably noticed that, according to Facebook, Philadelphia doesn't exist.

Typically, if you're in Philly and tooling around Facebook ironically liking horrible pictures of your friends or whatever else you do to pass the time in your cubicle, Facebook says you're "near Camden, NJ."

As we're wont to do, Philadelphians are interpreting the wonky location tag as a slight, complaining to Facebook that we don't get no respect.

The faulty Facebook function has also gotten the attention of state Rep. Brian Sims, D-Philadelphia.

"On the list of problems that legislators should be addressing, I don't think this one's particularly high on the list," admitted Sims. Yet, as a proud Philadelphian, he wants to get it fixed.

And so, on a recent visit to Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, California, he mentioned the problem. [newsworks]

As you might have suspected, Facebook is omniscient, so Mark Zuckerberg is already trying to write a new algorithm on his dorm room window, or something. But, it's not technically a Facebook issue. It has to do with satellite placement and geo-location. Still, though, Facebook is working on the problem.

If you need a place to vent your frustration or spew your angst while the issue is being handled, please check out the Facebook group for like-minded folks here.