Everything you've ever wanted to know about Nudie Photo Hunt

At some point in your life, you've probably been at a bar and seen Erotic Photo Hunt. Maybe you've even found yourself feeding a five-dollar bill into the machine after three-too-many glasses of Jameson so that you can spend 15 minutes futilely attempting to point out the alterations photoshopped into an image from Penthouse's centerfold shoot from April of 1999. (What's up, me at New Wave Cafe every Tuesday and Thursday for the past 18 months?)

Well, the company that makes the game, and the others included on those machines, is based just up 95 in Bristol. City Paper's Emily Guendelsberger recently had the opportunity to speak with Jim Hartman of Megatouch. Hartman started off altering those erotic images for the company and climbed his way to head writer and content manager.

He tells Guendelsberger all about how Megatouch selects and transforms each image, his no-nipple-changing mandate (because, integrity), and the Holy Grail of Erotic Photo Hunt, an image that HAS A CAT SHOOTING LASERS FROM ITS EYES!

CP: What’s the funniest Photoshop job you remember?

JH: One of the people who used to work here, she was a little more advanced at Photoshop than the rest of us — at one point she put a cat in the picture shooting lasers out of its eyes. [Laughs.] 

CP: Shut up. Really?

JH: Yeah! [Laughs.] That one was beyond my skill, it would take me forever to do that.

The whole Q&A is one of those hilarious, artistic slice-of-life pieces that will make you shake your head and happily sigh, "Only in Philly." [City Paper]