Everything you need to know about the new 'Dumb and Dumber' sequel

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Sequels mostly suck. You need not look any further than whatever Transformers abomination Michael Bay churned out of the Let's Collect a Paycheck Factory, most recently. And we're not going to talk about the second, tired installment of Anchorman or the first attempt at a second Dumb and Dumber.

But, Pete Farrelly—the genius behind the original Dumb and Dumber and There's Something About Maryrecently popped by The Front Page of the Internet to answer questions/troll people/talk about Bill Murray's make-out skills and his responses have us actually looking forward to the forthcoming Dumb and Dumber To, starring Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels.

If you're unfamiliar with Farrelly and the plans for the upcoming sequel, here's everything you'll want to know.

He had nothing to do with the first sequel.

[–]Jourst 104 points 14 hours ago

What are your thoughts and feelings on the abomination that is "Dumb and Dumberer"?

[–]realpeterfarrelly[S] 287 points 14 hours ago

As you know, we had nothing to do with the movie, but we have no hard feelings.

The studio wanted to do it, we told them it was a bad idea, but they went ahead with it anyway. I certainly have no ill-will towards the actors, writers and director. They're all just trying to make a living and to tell you the truth, I was rooting for them.

There are a bunch of cameos in the new one.

[–]JameSplash 64 points 15 hours ago

Are there any good cameos in Dumber and Dumber to?

[–]realpeterfarrelly[S] 114 points 15 hours ago

We have some of the greatest cameos in film history in Dumb an Dumber To. However, we want to keep them as a surprise. I will say this, some of the names I've seen bandied about are incorrect. But you won't be disappointed.

They spent a lot of time and effort fine-tuning the jokes in the new movie.

[–]coy_and_vance 35 points 14 hours ago

Most sequels suck. Please do a good job on D and D 2. Thank you.

[–]realpeterfarrelly[S] 113 points 14 hours ago


Seriously, we didn't want to make a Dumb an Dumber To that felt like Dumb and Dumber Light, so we took a particularly long time to write the script, again with the Jewish writer Bennett Yellin -- why do I keep mentioning the Jew part, I've gotta stop this -- and Mike Cerrone. We also collaborated with Sean Anders and John Morris, who are phenomenal writers and great kissers. I saw them making out with each other - they really know what they're doing.

After that, we tabled the script with some of the Family Guy writers, working on specific jokes. My point is, coy_and_vance, we're not going to let you down.

He has high hopes for the film.

[–]senormartinez 149 points 15 hours ago

Any dumb and dumber 2 news?

[–]realpeterfarrelly[S] 457 points 15 hours ago


We just finished shooting, don't want to brag, but it could be the best movie of all time. Seriously though, we're thrilled with it and are trying to get the studio to push the release date up.

We can't wait for you to see it!

If you've got the time, you should totally head on over to Reddit to read the AMA in its entirety because Farrelly does an AMA the way it's supposed to be done and because he's got wonderful stories and insight about his other movies, like how a famous director (name probably starts with a "J" and ends with an "ohn Hughes") helped the original Dumb and Dumber make it to the big screen. It's definitely worth a few minutes of your afternoon. [Reddit]