Everything you need to know about the 'Breaking Bad' finale


As the entire planet looks on in horror, anxiously awaiting for Walter White to be The One Who Knocks on heaven's door (probably), it's important to take a look at exactly how far we've come. It's equally vital to plan ahead for the inevitable despair we'll all collectively experience when we realize that there's no more of The Danger to be had.

Below, I've rounded up as many things about the forthcoming finale of Breaking Bad that I could motivate myself to collect on a gorgeous Friday afternoon that's begging to be enjoyed away from the comfort of air conditioning and this stupid keyboard. Read up on the end of an era and then go outside or something.

Some 8 million people are expected to watch Sunday's finale. [Forbes]

Jon Hamm is on pins and needles. He's just like us! [L.A. Times]

Vince Gilligan has announced his first post-Breaking Bad project. It's about cops and it's on CBS. Gross. [USA Today]

Consquence of Sound talks about the songs that have appeared throughout the series. [CoA]

What if everything just, sort of, pans out for Jesse Pinkman? [Uproxx]

The last season of the show garnered 23 million interactions on Facebook. Seriously, guys, go outside. [L.A. Times]

Test your Breaking Bad knowledge with a 50-question quiz. I raced through it to a 40. Ain't bad. [Vulture]

GQ talked to Lyida about the character's backstory and what it's like to survive until the last episode. [GQ]

Commercials during the finale will set companies back $250,000 a pop. [Forbes]

Your Breaking Bad finale party isn't as sweet as this Breaking Bad finale party. [Wired]