Everything you need to know about Shark Week

It's officially August, which means Discovery Channel's Shark Week is here to remind you that your cousin's wedding, a fantasy football draft, and an over-hyped neighborhood barbecue are all that stand between you and the end of summer. Yay.

Personally, it always feels like I always enjoy the idea of Shark Week more than I actually enjoy Shark Week itself. But, that could be because I'm not armed with a bong and a bag of Cheetos, ready to melt into a sofa I swiped from someone else's curb on bulk trash day.

But, if you still haven't come down off your Sharknado high from last month, do yourself a favor and cram for this year's Shark Week with the trailers, TV listings, articles, and infographics below. Consider it your Shark Week cheat sheet. Happy shark week-ing, you guys.

  • Below, you'll find the trailer for Ghost Shark, which definitely is real and features the Ghost Shark attacking someone in a pool.

25 Years of Shark Week: The History
by Lemon.ly.
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