Everything we know is a lie: The gas pump karaoke people are actors

So, late last week, Will and Monifa Sims went viral when they impressed America with a karaoke performance on The Tonight Show's "Pumpcast News" segment. But, because this is a horrible life and we all die alone, The Smoking Gun has done some digging to reveal that the video segment might have been staged.

Will and Monifa are both trained actors who founded a theater company in Chicago before relocating to Hollywood. Monifa, whom Chicagoist once described as a “Chicago actress of some reknown,” previously won a nationwide dramatic auditions contest by the cable network TNT.

More importantly, the “Tonight Show” never bothered to mention that Monifa appeared in a “Pumpcast News” segment broadcast more than two years ago.

Yup, Monifa was on "Pumpcast News" before.

Monifa Sims says that, although she had been on "Pumpcast News" before, the latest segment wasn't staged and she was legitimately surprised at the notion that she'd been on the program twice.

Asked why no mention was made of her prior “Pumpcast News” appearance (or her and Will’s acting careers), Sims said “Tonight Show” producers “don’t want people to think that they planned this thing.” She added, “We have been honest with them the whole time.”

Sims said that it was only after she and her husband did their karaoke tunes that Will realized that this was her second time around. Sims recalled, “He asked me, ‘Is this what you did before?’” [The Smoking Gun, h/t Uproxx]

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