Everyone you know just got engaged, because the holidays


If you spent any time at all on Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr/Instagram/Snapchat/Whatever-the-hell between Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve, chances are you threw up in your mouth a little bit when you realized that that person you used to get drunk and make out with for, like, all of fall semester sophomore year got engaged. And, no, it doesn't just seem like everyone you know is getting engaged... it's actually what happened.

A report from WeddingWire indicates that 1/3 of all engagements occur between Thanksgiving and New Year's. Over at The Atlantic, Olga Khazan has a bunch of statistical information displayed in fancy graphs to demonstrate how people are practically tripping over themselves to pop the question over the holidays. So, stop curling your lip at the engagement photos in your Facebook feed and learn about why all of your friends are taking the plunge.

So why are the coldest months so hot for proposals? One popular theory — let’s call it the Love Actually Postulate — suggests that it’s the season’s cozy, twinkly atmosphere that prompts dramatic acts of romance. Others think it’s because men like to pop the question when friends and family already gathered, to better share in the joy. Other, more pragmatic explanations hold that, because proposals take a while to plan and pull off, a few extra vacation days come in handy, or that Christmas bonuses make buying a $5,000 ring a bit easier. [The Atlantic]