Devout Christians are upset that possible heathen Nic Cage is starring in a film about the rapture

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Left Behind is a post-apocalypic film franchise about what happens when all of the devout believers worthy enough to make it past the pearly gates get zapped up to Heaven during the rapture and the lowly heathens who don't have Jesus in their hearts are left to toil in this realm of existence. The original franchise stars the very devout, very vocal, former Growing Pains star, Kirk Cameron, which would probably explain why you've never heard of Left Behind.

But (BUT!), the series of films is set for a real, theatrical reboot starring none other than King of the Internet, Himself, Nicolas Cage. This has the franchise's conservative, Christian fanbase livid because Cage could possibly (maybe?) be a Scientologist. He was married to former member of the Church of Scientology, Lisa Marie Presley.

Anyway, it turns out some people think it's not right for the filmmakers of the Left Behindreboot to cast an actor who doesn't have faith (WHATEVER THE HELL THAT MEANS.) "Are the cast including Nicholas Cage saved by the blood of Jesus?" asked one person during the Q&A. "Why Nicholas Cage?" asked another Facebook commenter. "He is not a believer." Whoa sick burn, dude.

Cage has kept mum for years about his religious beliefs, although INTERJECT WILD UNFOUNDED HOLLYWOOD RUMORS HERE there has been speculation that he is either a Scientologist (he was once married to now ex-Church of Scientology member Lisa Marie Presley) or a Roman Catholic. I'm going to go ahead and further speculate wildly that Cage isactually a Pastafarian, because why the hell not! [Jezebel]

More than that, though, at least one fan is terribly concerned that, should the rapture begin before the film is released, the cinematic masterpiece might never be witnessed by humankind.

"If we get raptured before this is released, well, I'd be ecstatic, but I'd be really upset for not getting to see this movie!!!!!!!!" wrote one excited fan. [Christian Post]