'Entourage' movie is officially happening


Apparently someone got into Adrian Grenier's ear and reminded him that he's really just that guy from Drive Me Crazy who happens to be allowed on set while Jeremy Piven acts because Grenier has agreed to a deal, making the Entourage movie a thing that is actually happening.

The development comes on the heels of Ferrara's Monday appearance on The Wendy Williams Show to promote his new movie, Last Vegas, where the actor said the Entourage movie is "looking real good" and a deal for it "could be closed today." What is interesting is that the actor, who was the most contentious to placate, according to sources, was the one who had his deal closed first. Then again, it was his deal closing that prolonged the process.

Jeremy Piven resisted, as he was unsure about reprising his role of crass and foul-mouthed agent-turned-studio head Ari Gold. The actor had to be convinced to return. Once that hurdle was overcome, his deal followed.

The Entourage film was in danger of being delayed as shooting was scheduled to start in January and some of the actors, like Grenier, weren't aware that negotiating for more backend points is difficult when your range spans from Female Extra Ogler to Fancy Car Occupant.

Seriously, though, creator Doug Ellin tweeted the news on Monday night, presumably before buying his friends matching Maseratis and speeding off to throw a drink in Seth Green's face and judge a lap dance contest in Vegas. [Hollywood Reporter]