ESPN's 'rat bracket' is basically the best bracket around

Uniform colors. Tuition rates. Mascots. Hairstyles. Pedigree.

There are gazillion ways to fill out your bracket, most of them presenting the same, strong, tangible evidence that we know nothing and the universe is actually comprised of random particles crashing into each other with little-to-no congruity.

Then, there's ESPN's "rat bracket."

The geniuses at ESPN created a bracket-shaped maze and filled it with lab rodents seeded based on speed and ability similar to the way the actual NCAA teams were arranged. The result? They nailed 15 of the first 16 games and have a better bracket than 98-percent of America.



The dwarf rats even managed to pick the Harvard, Dayton, and North Dakota State upsets. Essentially, it's proof that we all know nothing and March Madness is simply an opportunity for us to struggle against predetermined fate to which we're all indentured servants. *Crumples bracket and shoots into trash can* *Bricks*

Click here to watch the video.