Drone video provides aerial view of Philly's abandoned buildings

Willow Steam Plant in Northern Liberties.

Eastern State Penitentiary isn’t the only structure haunting the city around Halloween time. Local drone video maker Matt Satell was inspired by the holiday to create a video showcasing six of Philly’s forgotten spaces by air.

Abandoned Philadelphia” eerily visits the abandoned Peco Delaware Station, Willow Steam Plant, Spring Garden Public School, the Quaker Storage Building, the Dreuding Brothers Building, and the Richmond Power Station.

The video provides a unique glimpse at the tops of the buildings, some covered with overgrown greenery, others with graffiti and rust.

Satell, who runs and owns Philly by Air, which highlights the city from above using drone quadrocopters, chose the six featured buildings for a reason.

“I’ve driven past all of these abandoned buildings and always found them to be fascinating,” Satell said in an email. Specifically, the behemoth buildings featured in the video stood out “because of their unique designs, decrepit state and history.”

Spring Garden Public School, for instance, is known for its enclosed, paved rooftop once used as the school’s gym.