Dexter is coming to Netflix, so remember to bail after the Trinity Killer season

On Monday, Netflix announced that it had reached a deal to offer the Showtime series Dexter to its streaming customers beginning on October 31st (Halloween, get it?). The serial killer drama stars Michael C. Hall as a blood splatter analyst living a double life down in Miami, where he hunts killers with forensic analysis during the day and then hunts them with tranquilizers and scalpels at night.

This isn't the first time Dexter has been available for instant viewing; the show disappeared in 2011 after CBS and Netflix renegotiated their streaming contract, a move that also pulled Californication away from subscribers. But both sides seem pleased about the new agreement. “We’re thrilled to have Dexter, one of Showtime’s highest-rated shows on Netflix, and so quickly after it completed its record-breaking run,” Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s chief content officer, said in a statement. (Dexter's final episode aired on Showtime late last month.) “This is one of the great serialized dramas of the past decade and we know our members will enjoy discovering or reliving the twisted world of Dexter Morgan anywhere and anytime they want.”

While the series is critically acclaimed (for the most part), it's important to remember that Dexter was on Showtime, which means that it should have been drugged, stripped, strapped to a table in a kill room and systematically dismembered immediately following the conclusion of Season 4.

So, consider this your friendly reminder that Dexter will be available as of this Thursday and that you should definitely watch it, but you should bail after the season with John Lithgow. If you see Julia Stiles, you've gone to far. Luckily, Netflix has simplified this process because only the first four seasons will be available on Halloween. The rest will follow on January 1st. [The Verge]