Dennis Rodman is on his way to Rome to meet the new Pope

Dennis Rodman, the ex-NBA player who has five championship rings, traveled to North Korea, along with three Harlem Globetrotters and a film crew to conduct some youth basketball clinics. (Lorenzo Bevilacqua/AP)

Former NBA player, ex-husband of Carmen Electra, retired professional wrestler, Celebrity Rehab alum, accomplished author, and renowned diplomat Dennis Rodman is reportedly on his way to Rome to try to meet with the yet-to-be-named new Pope.

TMZ reports that Rodman will land in Rome late tonight, but will likely make it there before the new face of the Catholic Church has been selected. Rodman doesn't exactly have an appointment, but "his people" are trying to organize a meeting between The Worm and the Pope.

As for what Dennis wants to accomplish ... he tells TMZ, "I want to be anywhere in the world that I'm needed ... I want to spread a message of peace and love throughout the world."

Rodman cites his March North Korean excursion -- where he met with leader Kim Jong Un -- as proof he's the right man to hash out a peace plan ... claiming he broke barriers in the DPRK nobody else could.

Earlier this month, Rodman went to North Korea to visit with his BFF Kim Jong-un. He says they plan to vaction together in August. [TMZ]