NYT columnist David Brooks used to get stoned in Radnor and now @DavidBrooks420 is hilarious

David Brooks is a New York Times columnist who said a bunch of dumb stuff about pot. Basically, in his January 2nd column, Brooks writes about smoking pot when he was a teenager (what up, Radnor?), but goes to great lengths to detail how much he's grown up since then and goes on to suggest that the rest of the country should also just grow the hell up and stop smoking pot because it makes you dumb, you guys.

I think we gave it up, first, because we each had had a few embarrassing incidents. Stoned people do stupid things (that’s basically the point). I smoked one day during lunch and then had to give a presentation in English class. I stumbled through it, incapable of putting together simple phrases, feeling like a total loser. It is still one of those embarrassing memories that pop up unbidden at 4 in the morning.

We gave it up, second, I think, because one member of our clique became a full-on stoner. He may have been the smartest of us, but something sad happened to him as he sunk deeper into pothead life.

Third, most of us developed higher pleasures. Smoking was fun, for a bit, but it was kind of repetitive. Most of us figured out early on that smoking weed doesn’t really make you funnier or more creative (academic studies more or less confirm this). We graduated to more satisfying pleasures. The deeper sources of happiness usually involve a state of going somewhere, becoming better at something, learning more about something, overcoming difficulty and experiencing a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

A few important things to note, here:

A. If you want to read about David Brooks getting stoned at French Creek and talking his way out of a ticket and bombing that high school English presentation, you should read his ol' buddy's account of the shenanigans, here, though it's definitively been declared a satire, as Brooks says he's never heard of Gary Greenberg and the author added a disclaimer, later.

2. Who cares what David Brooks has to say about pot?


D. It spawned this wonderful parody Twitter account, @DavidBrooks420.

Carry on, everyone. Carry on.