Conservative mom spends $567 on 'pornographic' T-shirts at PacSun

PacSun is the premiere retail location for suburban kids who want to pretend that they can surf better than those posers who shop at Hollister, bro. Whether you're looking for Vans sneakers or overpriced, neon-plaid hoodies with fur lining, PacSun is the place to go.

Unless of course you might be concerned about your delicate sensibilities like one mother in Utah who was offended by the University Mall's store display. The window display prominately featured a T-shirt that is part of PacSun's "Visual Heartbreakers" promotion. Judy Cox complained to the store manager that the item was inappropriate (probably while her 18-year-old son rolled his eyes).

Cox said she was so concerned about the promotion and the "pornographic" material that she has contacted two national organizations, Women for Decency and One Million Moms. Both organizations have had success in stopping the spread of indecent material and subject matter on TV, in movies and in print media.

Also, she spent $567 to buy out the store's entire stock of the "inappropriate" shirt. Seriously.

“This did things. One, I wanted to get those T-shirts out of the mall,” Cox said. “Two, I wanted someone to feel empowered.”

Cox said after the Herald story started to get out, she was contacted by several news outlets and she will be interviewed Wednesday morning on the Laura Ingram show, which is broadcast to radio stations nationwide. [Daily Herald, h/t Jezebel]