Conservatives blast FLOTUS for getting dressed up for state dinner

First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama has come under fire on Twitter as the folks at Twitchy—specifically Michelle Malkin—took issue with the fact that FLOTUS wore an expensive ball gown to the state dinner for France, earlier this week.

Malkin launched a full-on initiative on Twitter, asking her followers to tweet images of their discount wardrobes so that Michelle Obama might be more aware of her options for the next time she's got an event that might call for fancy attire.



Over at Slate, Amanda Marcotte took particular issue with Malkin's decision to take issue with FLOTUS' fashion choices.

The loonier edge of the right-wing media has been up in arms all week at the temerity of the Obamas to think they get to host state dinners for foreign leaders just because the country elected Barack Obama to be our president. The outrage (hopefully) reached maximum capacity when Michelle Malkin and her outrage crew at Twitchy discovered that the first lady wore ... wait for it ... a ballgown to Tuesday's state dinner for French President Francois Hollande. Not just any ballgown, but an expensive one, as tends to be the case when it comes to ballgowns worn to state dinners. Blood pressures at Twitchy rose to worrying heights when it was discovered that some journalists thought Michelle Obama looked lovely in her ballgown. In retaliation for the travesty of the first lady donning formal wear to a formal dining event, Malkin started retweeting her followers taking selfies of themselves in cheap clothes meant for casual events.

To learn more about Michelle Obama's one-percent wardrobe leanings and Malkin's problem with them, check out the full scoop over at Slate or spend a few minutes scrolling through Malkin's Twitter feed.