Colin Kaepernick is trademarking 'Kaepernicking,' so go ahead and root for the Ravens

After a record-setting playoff debut that sent San Francisco to the NFC championship game for the second straight season, Colin Kaepernick needs no more introductions. (Hector Amezcua/AP)

"Kaepernicking" is the ugly cousin of Tebowing. Pretty much any time a football player becomes marginally notable, now, he gets his own stationary dance thing that will irritate everyone with an IP address almost immediately. For those of you unfamiliar, please google Tebowing, Griffining, or Te'oing and then promptly do none of those things.

San Francisco 49ers quarterback is trying to turn his celebration into a craze, which is kind of like trying to coin your own nickname. See, when Kaepernick does something well, he flexes and kisses his right bicep because of course he does. Now, he's looking to trademark that celebration. Some of the proceeds are going to charity, so it's not entirely insufferable. But, still. [Pro Football Talk]