Christina Hendricks wants to be on 'Game of Thrones', please and thank you

You probably know Christina Hendricks as Mad Men's Joan Holloway or as the now infamous midriff from that awkward Johnny Walker commercial that airs during Mad Men. Or, maybe you know her as (SPOILER ALERT) the woman who had her head blown off in Ryan Gosling's Drive.

Well, with Mad Men set to wrap up for good after its forthcoming seventh season, Hendricks has her eye on other projects. She recently spoke with the folks at The Hollywood Reporter as a part of their Emmys coverage (she's up for Oustanding Supporting Actress in a  Drama Series).

Hendricks says that her updo and tight skirts help her get into the mindset of playing Joan. Oh, and she says she wants a post-Mad Men job, specifically on Homeland or Game of Thrones.

My dream guest star gig: I want to be on all of them because I’ll be unemployed in a year, so put that out there! I want to be on Homeland because I love the suspense of it, but I also want to be on Game of Thrones. I want to wear pelts and horns and ride around on horseback.

Yeah, so if Howard Gordon and/or David Benioff could go ahead and get to work on that, everyone with a pulse would appreciate it. Thanks in advance. [THR]