Chris Christie reveals he is no longer friends with Bruce Springsteen on Fox's 'Hannity'

Chris Christie may be a big fan of Bruce Springsteen's, but last night on Fox’s Hannity, the New Jersey governor set the record straight: He and The Boss are no longer friends.

“You love Bruce Springsteen,” host Sean Hannity said to Christie Tuesday. “Does Jon Bon Jovi, who also lives in New Jersey, get mad that you’re always talking about Springsteen?”

“No, I’m actually friends with Jon, so…,” Christie responded. “Bruce, I know. Jon, I’m friends with.”

Which, of course, is much different from Christie’s previous description of his relationship with Springsteen in 2012. At the time, Christie said that Springsteen counted him as a buddy following an NBC telethon that raised money for recovery from Hurricane Sandy.

“We hugged,” Christie said during a 2012 news conference. “He told me, ‘It’s official, we’re friends.’”

Following that, Christie said that he would always have that moment to “treasure forever,” and claimed that it made him cry tears of joy. Though, looking at the pair’s relationship today, you’d almost never guess.

“He’s not all that fond of me, either,” Christie told Hannity Tuesday. “I mean, politically, I’m not his cup of tea.”

Back in 1999 and 2000, though, Christie didn’t seem concerned with all that. As his recently unearthed Springsteen listserv emails from those years show, one meeting left him utterly starstruck.

“He was everything I hoped he would be if I ever got the chance to meet him — gracious and incredibly normal in a truly extraordinary way,” Christie wrote in 1999. “That was my Christmas gift.”

My, how times have changed.

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