Catholic priest/meth dealer liked sex in the rectory

Get your Breaking Bad jokes ready, folks, because this one's a doozy. A Bridgeport, Connecticut priest was busted for allegedly dealing meth. But, the story doesn't stop there. Monsignor Kevin Wallin is also alleged to have been caught cross-dressing and having sex in the rectory at St. Augustine's Cathedral.

While pastor of St. Augustine's, sources said he often disappeared for days at a time; and rectory personnel became concerned and notified diocese officials when Wallin, sometimes dressed as a woman, would entertain odd-looking men, some who were also dressed in women's clothing and engaging in sex acts.

In addition, diocese officials found bizarre sex toys in Wallin's residence, the sources said.

Wallin, 61, was relieved of his duties back in May and used his newly allotted free time to run a porn shop called 'Land of Oz' while allegedly dealing up to $9,000 of meth a week. He was still receiving a stipend from the church when he was arrested on January 3rd as he was set to leave for a holiday in London.

There's also this:

Wallin also was fluent in drug lingo, and in text messages he would often use street phrases such as "5 Grover Clevelands," for $500 worth of meth or "eight balls," for an eighth of an ounce, the indictment states

The Connecticut Post's website,, has more on the undercover operation that brought down "Msgr. Meth" and his known associates.