CBS wants you to know that Jack White didn't drop an F-bomb at the Grammys

Jack White offered a generous sampling of songs from throughout his career at the Firefly Music Festival in Dover, Del.

Ahead of the 55th Annual Grammy Awards, CBS seemed, um, focused and emphatically drawing the line between appropriate and inappropriate. It's want promted the network to issue the funniest internal memo ever drafted, warning musicians that "female breast nipples" were to be concealed during the event. It's also, likely, what's caused the network to issue a denail in regards to a naughty word that may or may not have but definitely didn't come off the tongue of a one Jack White.

While White was performing his single "Love Interruption" with Ruby Amanfu when—many people believe—he dropped an F-bomb. It didn't take long for CBS to issue a statement on the matter.

"We had 10 editors, and three people on site, and all are experienced, all with multiple Grammy, multiple Big Brother, multiple Tony experience, experience with doing these delays," he told The Hollywood Reporter. "They went through all of the rehearsals. They have prepared meticulously. And not a single one of them heard anything other than 'fight.'"

It should be noted that, after winning Album of the Year, one of the guys in Mumford & Sons said it and the editors were able to dump the audio because the show was airing on a 10-second delay. [Hollywood Reporter]