Bully sees former victim in gay marriage proposal video, apologizes for being awful

Last month, one of those irritating viral marriage proposals turned out to actually do some good besides, you know, distracting people from their office jobs for all of three minutes. David Devora and Lucas Bane are a gay couple from Los Angeles. Their marriage proposal video went viral, thanks to the inclusion of a choreographed scene straight out of Step Up 2 (featuring one of the actual stars of Step Up 2).

Lucas and David from LUCAS and DAVID on Vimeo.


One of the many who clicked the hell out of that link from their cubicles was a guy who used to bully Lucas back in high school. The guy reached out via Facebook to apologize for his actions, mortified at the idea that Lucas was going through life dealing with the fallout of their interactions from back in high school.

Lucas graciously accepted the guy's apology and posted the exchange to Facebook to help demonstrate that people really can change for the better. [h/t The Daily Dot]