Budweiser's 'Buddy Cup' will help you make Facebook friends while you're drunk

Feast your eyes on Budweiser's new "Buddy Cup," the first drinking vessel equipped with a microchip and a QR code linked to your Facebook profile that allows you to give strangers instant access to your online existence by toasting their cups at a corporate-sponsored event.

From Ad Week:

The Buddy Cup (not a sexual position) comes with a QR code and built-in chip that connects it to your Facebook profile, so every time you toast some rando at a Bud-sponsored event, they gain instant access to your Facebook life.

This is the greatest technological development of the 21st century if:

A) You enjoy attending events sponsored by companies that brew generic American beer

2) You like to walk around such events clinking glasses/bottles with hundreds of random strangers


D) You want all of those strangers to poke you on Facebook because you know these are the kind of people who still do the poking thing

Thanks for the offer, Agencia Africa, but our Facebook newsfeeds are already too clogged with ultrasound images, people posting that Bill Gates scam from last year, and folks LOL-ing at the same BuzzFeed listicle of '90s fashion jokes. I think we're going to pass on this one. [h/t Jezebel]