Bryn Mawr College makes Gawker thanks to dean's letter over 'hazing'

Bryn Mawr College

Local women's higher learning institution (and Betty Draper's alma mater), Bryn Mawr College made Gawker on Thursday, thanks to a scathing email outlining a horrific hazing scandal. The email, sent by Bryn Mawr's Undergraduate Dean, addresses the issues related to "Hell Week," an entirely optional school tradition that calls for the frosh population to be lightly ridiculed and/or ordered around by sophomores before attending a party thrown by juniors.

Offenses revealed in the salacious email include, but are not limited to:

  • Creating potential for injury by playing wiffle beer (essentially baseball with beer cans and a wiffle bat.)
  • Telling first-year students to stand outside, wet and some without shoes, and listen to the Radnor goddess speech.
  • Requiring first-year students to go outside for "class photo" but in reality dumping water on them. (Unclear if a photo was really taken.)

And the dean's letter wasn't the end of this who fiasco. Dorm Presidents have resigned. The customs people of Radnor dorm have been relieved of their duties. Some girl named Jessica was put into solitary. There will be no "wet parties" in Radnor for the rest of the academic year. Everyone will go to bed without dessert for two full weeks. All of the upper classmen in the Radnor dorm are required to write a letter of apology (there's a due date). The women will have to go up to their rooms and think about what they've done. Three seniors will face a Dean's Panel.

Yes, really.

Head on over to Gawker to check out the full letter or Jezebel, where a bunch of former Bryn Mawr students are weighing in down in the comments section.