Brent Musburger is sorry he's not sorry for ogling AJ McCarron's girlfriend

ESPN's Brent Musburger apologized over comments he made about AJ McCarron's girlfriend, Miss Alabama Katherine Webb.

During the BCS National Championship game, Brent Musburger spent took some time out of his evening to point America's attention in the direction of Miss Alabama USA, Katherine Webb. Webb is the girlfriend of Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron. She's attractive. So, needless to say, America was instantly smitten.

In wake of Musburger's comments, though, ESPN issued an apology indicating that the company believed that Musburger's praise went too far. Webb—during an appearance on a morning television show—said that she thought the apology was unnecessary.

Welp, turns out Musburger feels the same way. TMZ recently caught up with the commentator who basically said, "sorry I'm not sorry."

"Individuals say what individuals say. And corporations do what corporations do," Musburger said ... adding, "Obviously, they felt it was the right thing for them to do."