Everybody is getting tableside guacamole at that restaurant from 'Breaking Bad'


If you missed Sunday night's episode of Breaking Bad—the third part of the final eight installments—then you might  not understand why everyone is freaking out over tableside guacamole. And, also, why haven't you seen Sunday's episode yet.

For the rest of us normal, hot-blooded Americans, seeing the over-zealous waiter at the Mexican restaurant trie to upsell Heisenberg, Sky-senberg, Hank and Marie while Walt and Hank are doing their OK Corral death stare down was a wonderful bit of comic relief in an otherwise extraordinarily tense episode of Breaking Bad.

Well, that Mexican restaurant is an actual place called Garduño's and errbody is flocking there and ordering some fresh guacamole. (They make it right there at the table!)

Corporate General Manager Warren Gaustad told TheWrap that the number has surged to 35 percent -- with many visitors specifically referencing "Breaking Bad" as the reason for their selection.

There's also been an influx of "Breaking Bad" tourists looking to see where the episode was shot.

"It's been pretty funny," Gaustad said. "We've had a lot of people coming in to take pictures and wanting to sit at the table where the characters sat."

And don't worry -- there are no hard feelings about having the restaurant be a source of jokes, even if Gaustad argues his waiters aren't usually overly solicitous.

"The server was a little cheesy, but I laughed when I watched it," Gaustad. [The Wrap]