Bradley Cooper is going to be Lance Armstrong?

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Hoo boy, get your doping jokes ready because it looks like Bradley Cooper might try to convince people that he's Lance Armstrong. Jenkintown's golden boy is in talks with Warner Bros. to come aboard Red Blooded American as a producer and he's reportedly eyeing up the roles of Lance Armstrong and Tyler Hamilton.

The film is one of three Armstrong-focused projects in the works, along with a JJ Abrams adaptation of Cycle of Lies: The Fall of Lance Armstrong and a Ben Foster vehicle from Working Title and the Trainspotting writer. 

Cooper instead becomes the focal point of the Warner Bros. project, which has a script by Side Effects scribe Scott Z. Burns. It will be produced by Atlas Entertainment's Charles Roven and Alex Gartner, as well as Roach and now Cooper. Michael Radutzky, the exec producer at CBS News and senior producer at 60 Minutes who was involved in Hamilton's TV appearance, is also going to be involved in a producing capacity. Cooper, who'll next be seen in the killer ensemble cast of his Silver Linings Playbook helmer David O. Russell's American Hustle (which Atlas produced), is next scheduled to star in the untitled Cameron Crowe project that shoots in Hawaii in early fall. After that, he should be available to get on the bike. He and Warner Bros. are recalibrating their film American Sniper after Steven Spielberg withdrew as director this month, and Cooper's next firm commitment is to bring The Elephant Man to Broadway in the latter part of 2014. Cooper is repped by CAA. [Deadline]

It's just talks and, as is the case with most of the crap floating around Hollywood, there's no guarantee this project ever makes it out of the studio's drawer, but imagine the fiasco that would inevitably take place when Cooper comes home to promote this thing at the Manayunk Bike Race. Seriously, just think about it.