'Boy Meets World' turns 20, so go ahead and feel old, now

Tuesday, September 24, 2013 marks the 20th anniversary of the premiere of Boy Meets World on ABC. Yeah, it's 20 and you're old.

To celebrate the occasion, the folks over at Vulture want to know which episode of Boy Meets World is your favorite. Unsurprisingly, Vulture's Jesse David Fox is particularly fond of "Heartbreak Cory."

The episode is an unusual one for the show. It's ultimately a bottle episode set in the lobby of the ski lodge Cory, Shawn, Topanga, and Angela go to during their senior year. Excluding the opening minutes at the school, the episode features none of the show’s regular sets. Cory’s parents, Eric, and Eric’s college friends are absent — and, beyond that, Shawn and especially Topanga don't appear much. So this one's pretty much all Cory. Owing to an ankle injury, he's stuck in the lodge, where he meets and falls for fetching employee Lauren (a pre–Freaks and Geeks Linda Cardellini!). [Vulture]

Meanwhile, The Daily Beast looks to explain Millennials' obsession with the series. It might have something to do with its simplicity.

Perhaps what made Boy Meets World brilliant was its very simplicity, a rarity among other higher-concept ’90s shows, particularly ones geared at younger demographics. The shows from the period, you’ll notice, that resonate most today are the ones about people just coming of age and learning life’s lessons along the way—often to the soundtrack of twinkling piano keys. There’s Full House, Clarissa Explains It All, Family Matters, Saved by the Bell. Boy Meets World was about a boy trying to figure out life.

It proved addicting to see someone kind of like yourself on TV who was kind of also a little bit lost but offered hope of attaining happiness through the most basic of pleasures: a really cool best friend in Shawn, an understanding set of parents, a wise spirit guide in Mr. Feeny, and a girl worth going crazy about in Topanga. [The Daily Beast]

And, if that's not enough Boy Meets World-themed '90s nostalgia for you this afternoon, you could also spend some time studying the evolution of Cory's footwear preferences.

After it was announced that a new show was in the works around Cory and Topanga's children, we decided it was time to revisit the original to get you familiar before the new series drops later this year. Besides touching on trendy hot-topics in teenage life, the show was a staple for trends and what would trends be without the sneakers? Grab your lunch, ignore your friends and co-workers and dive back into one of the  greatest shows of a generation and check out The Complete Sneaker History of Boy Meets World. [Complex]

Or analyzing the show's Illuminati connection. Seriously, read this one at your own risk.

During the interview at “11:24” Danielle Fishel said “The cutest thing she did with Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter (The two young actresses) was the “doughnut in the sky” dance. And if you look at the picture above this dance has an illuminati hand sign in it that Jay-Z does. And the poem has an illuminati and freemason meaning.

The “doughnut in the sky” dance doesn’t have any physical doughnuts in the dance and in the poem it’s not even about doughnuts falling down from the sky. It’s completely different. This poem isn’t even about doughnuts in any shape or form. [Tumblr]

If you're a little more old fashioned, you could spend the rest of your afternoon feeling incredibly old and reflecting on your own mortality and lack of accomplishments while using jelly beans and a balance to make crucial life decisions. Ya know, which ever sounds more appealing.