Bill Murray prefers to get drunk via ice luge

Actor Bill Murray plays with a miniature camera during a photo call for Moonrise Kingdom at the 65th international film festival, in Cannes, southern France, Wednesday, May 16, 2012. (AP Photo/Lionel Cironneau)

Show me a person who doesn't find everything about Bill Murray wonderfully entertaining and I'll show you a damned dirty liar. The man isn't just one of the funniest actors to ever grace the silver screen, he's also poetically frivolous in real life, like a mirage of a whoopee cushion on the horizon.

Recently, Bill Murray spoke with Esquire's Noah Charney to, technically speaking, plug his new vodka. But, really, the conversation centers mostly on Murray being awesome and telling stories about getting drunk during a break filming Scrooged and talking about Red Sox drama or how he prefers to drink his liquor from an ice luge because it keeps the party going.

I know I had you at "Bill Murray," but you should really check out all of Charney's Q&A with the coolest guy around.

ESQ: Do you have a favorite way to drink the stuff?

BM: I do. I throw a Christmas party at my house. It's not really a Christmas party, because I don't want to call it a Christmas party. But let's just say I put a lot of Christmas trees around the house, so it smells good. I used to serve Christmas wine — a sort of Beaujolais Nouveau — because you could leave it outdoors and it feels right for the season. I'd serve it, and people would just end up at the bar in my house, drinking anything else they could find there. My friends said the party needs a higher octane. They needed something more danceable. Beaujolais doesn't make people dance. So I said to my friend Peter Kelly [co-founder of Slovenia Vodka], a great chef — his restaurants are fantastic, I've been eating in them for thirty years. Have you ever had his food?

ESQ: No, but he gave me a recipe for lobster made with vodka, and it sounds pretty good.

BM: Oh, that one is great. That's really great. He makes the food at this non-Christmas party of mine. I said I should get vodka, and he said, "I've got something." It was this Slovenia Vodka. At that point you couldn't buy it — it was only known to a couple of people. See, what I wanted was one of those ice luges. It's a big magilla to get an ice luge, but if you do, you can pour vodka into it and it chills it on the way down. It looks like an Olympic ski jump. It's more for visual effect. You can put your head underneath it, like you're guzzling gasoline, but we just fill shot glasses. Hundreds of little shot glasses. So, we drank this stuff, and it took the party to a completely other level. The party lasted much longer. No one left. The year before, people would leave at, like, two or three in the morning. With the vodka luge, they didn't leave until five. The last two years I've had this luge. That's how I like to drink. Out of a large ice structure. [Esquire]