'Biggest closet in America' looted of $1 million in valuables

Teresa Roemer (center) showing off her "Biggest Closet in America" on "Good Morning America" in July 2014. The three-story showcase was looted by a thief less than two weeks later.

On July 23, "The Biggest Closet in America" was shown off on ABC's Good Morning America.

Friday night, it got burglarized, apparently by a pro, who came in through a bathroom window (with the help of a glass-cutter).

Three Birkin bags worth about $60,000 each were filled with jewelry and expensive watches -- Rolex, Cartier, Channel and Gucci among the brands.

Estimated value of the loot: About $1 million.

Theresa Roemer, of The Woodlands, Texas, told GMA that her three-story, 3,000-square-foot showcase, complete with a spiral staircase, cost $500,000 to build, and that its contents -- shoes, handbags, furs, jewelry and other valuables -- were worth much more.

"Probably close to $2 million, but we don’t want to tell my husband,” she said with a laugh. (See GMA video for eye-popping tour.)

When she and her hubby went out Friday evening, she didn't set the alarm or lock the closet, so the thief didn't have to break through the inch-and-a-half-think glass doors, she explains on a CBS video.

The thief wore a hoodie and a mask, so security footage was little help in identifying a suspect.

Roemer, a former beauty queen and businesswoman, said she created the closet as a cool way to host parties to raise money for charities.

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