'Beyoncé's a total slut,' Joe Flacco's potty mouth, and other complaints people had about the Super Bowl

Super Bowl Football
Beyonce performs during the halftime show of the NFL Super Bowl XLVII football game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens Sunday, Feb. 3, 2013, in New Orleans. (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

The Super Bowl was incredibly inappropriate, you guys. So much so that people from all over the place fired up their computers and sent off a litany of angry emails to the FCC to have their voices heard. Some choice gems from their complaints are listed below. They're real. A big, fat "[sic]" for the whole shebang.

  • Beyoncé "gyrating her pelvis and licking her finger seductively."
  • "If I wanted my kids to love sluts, learn how to be sluts I'd take them to places where they could learn the slut culture."
  • "Joe Flacco said clear as a bell 'this is f*cking awesome.'"
  • A "...commercial showed a women kissing a nerd. It was disgusting!!!"
  • Beyoncé's "prostitute/dominatrix portrayal."
  • "Beyonce s show showed her vaginal area to the whole world My self and my children are Christians!"
  • Beyoncé's performance was so inappropriate that one viewer had to send his or her "10 and 17 year old sons outside so they would not be exposed to that garbage."
  • "There is NO REASON whatsoever for pelvic thrust dancing on national television."
  • It was "basically a peep show broadcast into the entire nation."

Check out all of the complaints, in their entirety, over at Deadspin. Though, the language in some of them may offend your delicate sensibilities. [Deadspin]