VIDEO: Ben Affleck finally responds to Batman criticism

Affleck played Marvel Comic's superhero "Daredevil" in the eponymous 2003 film.

By now, even that Canadian family living like it's 1986 has heard the wonderful haunting controversial news that Ben Affleck—the same guy who played Daredevil, but also the same guy who directed Argo—will be the next actor to portray Batman on the big screen.

Affleck, of course, will play The Caped Crusader in Zach Snyder's forthcoming Man of Steel sequel alongside Henry Cavill's Superman/Clark Kent. When the studio announced that Affleck would step into the role, the people of the Internet erupted in outrage, pouring negative comments onto message boards at an alarming rate, even for Internet trolls.

On Monday, Affleck made an appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and finally commented on the criticism of his decision to take on the Batman role. Affleck seems to be handling it rather well. He explains to Fallon that the studio was prepared for the backlash and tried to warn him about it. His response?

I'm a big boy. You don't need to... If I can handle the Emmy snub, I can handle anything. They said, "Just don't go on the Internet for a few days." And I said, "This is not—I handle sh**!"

SPOILER ALERT: He read the first comment, couldn't stomach it and bailed from the Internet.