Awkward guy ruins Disneyland proposal photo and every important photo in history

Redditor SpnkyHappy posted a photo from her recent trip to Disneyland. She and her boyfriend went to the park for their fifth anniversary (she's a BIG Disney fan) and waited in line to have their photo taken in front of Cinderella's castle. Her boyfriend got down on one knee and proposed. As a photo of the momentus occasion was being taken, the most awkward dad to ever awkward makes his awkward move, shuffle-jogging across the frame with his typical dad vacation bag and photobombs the hell out of the elated couple.

Add the girl in the orange dress doing her best McKayla Maroney impression and you've got the best proposal photo ever.

As you might expect, Awkward Photobomb Dad is swelling to Internet stardom. He's popping up in Tiananmen Square and in the crosswalk with The Beatles and pretty much every other iconic photograph ever taken. Never change, In The Way Guy. Never change. [h/t Reddit]