Awful: woman live-tweets deadly accident, finds out her husband was the victim


A Vancouver woman operating the Twitter handle @ScanCouver typically used her account for sharing local news, like traffic and weather reports.

On December 4th, Caran Johnson was on her way home when she encountered a bit of traffic caused by an accident on a section of road that she was particularly cautious of. As she tweeted about what she saw while waiting, she realized that her husband hadn't made it home. Slowly, as she tried to get authorities to help her reach him, she was informed that her husband was, in fact, the victim of the crash she had been tweeting about.


























Johnson continued to tweet about her disbelief and her interaction with family members. She talked about her sons and her mother and mother-in-law. On the morning of the 5th, she was back to tweeting about police looking for an endangered infant.

After the whole Diane in 7A fiasco, it may be a little more difficult to belief that something like this actually happened. But, the @ScanCouver account goes back a while and has sent out nearly 14,000 tweets over that time, including countless interactions with local news outlets about crime and traffic. [KATU, h/t Gawker]