Apps help you learn which friends and co-workers want to sex you up because romance is dead


Have you ever secretly wondered which of your friends and co-workers would be interested in seeing you in a more, ahem, intimate situation, but were too nervous, shy, or concerned about the potentially negative consequences to do anything about it? Well, you're in luck because Bang With Professionals and Bang With Friends are coming to your rescue.

The apps allow you to select which of your Facebook friends and LinkedIn connections you would be DTF. Your selections are confidential, unless you and a friend or co-worker are mutually DTF, in which case you'll both get and email notifying you that it's on like Donkey Kong. The creators of Bang With Friends spoke with The Daily Beast about their monster site.

“We’ll be honest with you, we made this in two hours… with a lot of Red Bull and vodka … and it took off on its own,” one of the creators said. “What we’re working on right now is building sexual preferences. I personally am completely towards gay rights. We want to give everyone this awesome access to finding people who want to bang.”

Back in ye olde times, you'd have to let your guard down, develop a charming personality, better yourself, and build a foundation for a relationship in hopes that someone in your life would be willing to venture out onto a romantic limb with you. Now, you just need to click a button and be all, "MORE SEX YESS PLZZZ!"

What happened to asking someone out, having a nice date, making them a mixtape to express your feelings without having to have a real conversation about it, and then having sex? WHERE HAVE ALL THE MIXTAPES GONE?