Anonymous hacks North Korea's Twitter account, threatens to add porn and kittens


The hacker collective Anonymous has claimed to have commandeered the official Twitter and Flickr feeds of North Korea. The Flickr account posted, ahem, unflattering images of Kim Jong-un with a Mickey Mouse belly tattoo and pig ears.

To read more about the hack, check out readwrite, which has posted some of the pictures and messages Anonymous claims responsibility for.

Additionally, Anonymous claims to have hacked into North Korea's intranet, exposing 15,000 confidential user records. On Thursday morning, the North Korean central news agency's website, Uriminzokkiri was offline. But, experts are skeptical of Anonymous' claim. The Washington Post has more on those doubts:

The claim that hackers have gotten into North Korea’s intranet system has raised a few eyebrows, for instance, since the network is insulated from the outside world and not accessible outside the country. You can’t get to it from the Internet because it’s not on the Internet.

According to PC Mag, the hackers have also indicated that they plan to inject kittens and porn into the North Korean network because, Internets.

The group also has some more low-brow aspirations with its hacks. "We gonna inject the kittens and porn into their network," the hackers wrote, "because North Korean citizens wanna see lulzy kittehs and hawt pr0n too." [h/t The Verge]