Anal tattoo devices and all the other gross stuff from the Mütter Museum AMA

The Hyrtl Skull Collection gets lots of attention at the Mutter Museum on December 30, 2008. ( Elizabeth Robertson / Staff Photographer ) EDITORS NOTE: HS1MUTTER05 107413 :Mutter Museum has a new (relatively) on lead poisoning in conjunction with the Philadelphia DOH and are doing research with the Penn Museum on their skull exhibit. Celabrating 150 years of "intriguing visitors" on Jan 9.

Anna Dhody is the curator of the Philly's Mütter Museum, of the grossest/coolest places in the city. On Friday, Dhody stopped by Reddit to tell the Internets all about the gross/cool stuff the museum has to offer.

She says that the anal tattoo device (which is exactly what you think it is) is the one item that skeeves her out the most. Dhody also discusses the museum's new exhibit on Civil War medicine, the legality of trading in human body parts, and her favorite items in the Mütter Museum.

If you've got five minutes, her whole AMA is worth a look. If you've got an afternoon to spare, you should definitely spend it gawking at human skulls 22nd Street. [Reddit]

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