America is no longer the best country at being fat


The United States of America may be the birthplace of KFC's Double Down sandwich and Taco Bell's Doritos Loco Taco, but the good ol' U.S. of A has been officially dethroned as the world's fattest country. Thanks for everything, Michelle Obama.

According to a new UN study, our neighbors to the south currently hold the title for fattest country on Earth.

About 70 percent of Mexican adults are overweight, a third of them very much so. Childhood obesity tripled in a decade and about a third of teenagers are fat as well. Experts say four of every five of those heavy kids will remain so their entire lives.

Weight-related diabetes claims the most Mexican lives each year, with nearly one of every six Mexican adults suffering from the disease. Heart and related ailments round out the list of the country's top killers.

The United States is still holds the second spot, though, as the 31.8 obesity rate among adults is good for the silver medal in being fat. Plus, Mexico only holds that lead by one full percentage point.

Good luck running out the clock during the holiday season, Mexico. Once America breaks out its stretchy pants and starts devouring Wawa Gobblers for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and Fourth Meal, the Fattest County in the World title will undoubtedly return to its rightful place.

It should be mentioned that the obesity standings do not include smaller, much more obese countries. Like, for instance, the South Pacific island Nauru, which touts an obesity rate in the 70s. [CBS News]