All of your useless knowledge will make you dumb when you're old

A new study indicates that your brain can get full.

I'm instantly regretting the fact that I can recite the entire insult scene from The Sandlot verbatim. A new study indicates that learning new stuff when you get older becomes more difficult because your brain is already full of information.

Yet as the modified mice entered adulthood, they were less capable of weakening connections that already existed, and that made it hard for them to form robust new long-term memories. Think of it as writing on a blank piece of white paper versus a newspaper page, said the lead author, Joe Z. Tsien. “The difference is not how dark the pen is,” he said, “but that the newspaper already has writing on it.”

The mind's function isn't inhibited by the aging process, you're just too busy not forgetting all of the lyrics to "We Didn't Start the Fire" and also that time that David Bell lined out to third and Ryan Howard was doubled off after a game-tying double in 2006. The Phils lost in extras. Womp, womp. [The New York Times]