Adam from 'Girls' to play 'Star Wars' villain?

Adam Driver—the actor best known as the existential, wood-working, fringe-arts boyfriend on HBO's GIRLS—is reportedly in the final stage of talks to become a villain in Disney's forthcoming Star Wars movie. Though the casting process for the film is shrouded in secrecy and nondisclosure agreements, sources indicate that Driver is close to landing the deal, which may be for the role previously linked to Michael Fassbender.

Sources confirm to THR that Driver is nearing a deal for the undisclosed role.

The role may be the one thatMichael Fassbender met for late last year and for which Joel Kinnaman may have tested, according to Star Wars sources.

Driver is on fire, at the moment, as he was rumored to be close to a role in the upcoming Batman/Superman flick and is close to finalizing a deal to co-star in a Scorsese project with The Amazing Spider-Man's Andrew Garfield. [The Hollywood Reporter]