A psychiatrist explains exactly how screwed up Mad Men's Sally Draper is going to be


Woof. Sally Draper's had a rough few years, huh?

She's had to deal with the death of her beloved, live-in grandfather. Then there was her parents' divorce, her mother's new husband (and the political blowback that comes with him) and her father's new wife. On top of that, she witnessed her mother-in-law's mother performing a certain sexual act on her father's business partner and had to move away from her one real friend in the world. Sally deals with her mother's petty crap on the daily and, finally (for now), walked in on her dad, ahem, "comforting" the neighbor lady (who happens to be the mother of the dreamy boy downstairs).

It's safe to say that some professional psychiatric help might be advisable for the oldest Draper kid (that we know about). Luckily, Mad Men some medical professionals are hooked on the AMC drama, too. Vulture spoke with self-diagnosed Mad Men addict and UCLA-affiliated Dr. Paul Puri about how screwed up Sally Draper will be after Sunday's episode (and, you know, the rest of the awful crap she's had to endure because both of her parents are terrible people).

Dr. Puri discusses the likelihood that Sally becomes a hippie, how her parents' attitudes about sex have left her lagging behind most of her friends in that department, what she needs from Don to rebuild their relationship in wake of "the incident," and what kind of adult she'll grow up to be.

And I think there's a level on which she doesn't want to be her mother. I think she's aware, at least to a degree, that her mother has been miserable a long time. As far as a model goes, in terms of whom she wants to grow up to be, her father had all the freedom, her father had all the power, and her mother was miserable. So whom would you want to be?

He says to brace ourselves for a rebellious, teenage Sally in the episodes to come. Lord, she's going to throw SO much shade at Betty. Can't wait. [Vulture]