A definitive list of why Rasheed Wallace was awesome


Rasheed Wallace is the Michael Jordan of the technical foul. The Simon Gratz grad played his college ball at North Carolina before going pro and entertaining NBA fans for a decade and a half. In Sheed's case, the "you don't know what you've got 'itl it's gone" motif doesn't apply because we've all loved him since he was tossed from the 1993 McDonald's All-American game because of course he was.

Here is your definitive list of the reasons we'll all miss Rasheed Wallace.

That time he clowned Reggie Miller.

That time he (allegedly) started a fight with Kevin Salvadori at Tar Heels practice.

That time he was ejected for looking at a ref.

That time he scored an own basket.

That time he yelled "ball don't lie" every time he fouled someone and they missed free throws.

The Motown intro.

The best 56 seconds anyone's ever played in the NBA.

He's old enough to still beat yo azz.

He says LeBron James isn't a king.

He gave us this "Jingle Bells" remix.


That time he was, ahem, less than thrilled when he was called for fouling Kobe.

He "don't talk about nobody's mom, wife, or kids or nothin' like that."

Knicks fans chanted his name 'til he got some court time. He put three to your dome.

The time he got ejected after playing for 85 seconds, in part for yelling, "Ball don't lie!"

Both teams played hard.

That time he wore a "F*** WHAT YA HEARD" T-shirt to his introductory Trail Blazers press conference.

Cut the check.


He will be greatly missed.