A Craigslist wedding date is the BEST kind of wedding date, apparently

By now, you've surely caught wind of a viral Craigslist posting or two, like the one from the female Phils fan trapped in Nats country who wanted to take in a game with a fellow Philly transplant. These kind of things tend to gather steam when there's not much else going on on the Internet (looking at you, summer Fridays) and typically fade into the abyss because no one cares to follow up and see how these rando dates work out.

Which brings us to Lindsey Grad and Nick Hassell of Seattle. Way back in 2008, Lindsey was less than thrilled by the festivities leading up to her friend's wedding, so she put out a Craigslist post looking for a guy to help her ruin the awful ceremony.

“seeking awful date for awful wedding (w4m)”

i’m a bridesmaid in a terrible wedding. i need a date to ruin it with, preferably one that is either ridiculously unkempt or too hot to be able to enjoy with a straight face. i’ll buy you however many shots you might need to make it through this endeavor. you send me 25 words or less on why it should be you and a picture. 

She got a flurry of responses (57!) and asked a group of her friends and family members to vote on the responses to narrow the field down to one lucky gentleman. Nick Hassell met Lindsey at the wedding. But, by that point, she had already told all of her friends that she was bringing the drummer from The Airborne Toxic Event, Mike Itten. (The band's real drummer is named Daren Taylor.)

Over at The Hairpin, Lindsey and Nick recount the story of their wedding date/role play exercise and offer definitive proof that the best wedding date is a Craigslist wedding date with an assumed identity.

Nick: It was fun. And it was good foxhole bonding.

Lindsey: That’s exactly what it was. It was totally goal-oriented from a shared angle. Friends or family can be fun at weddings, but sometimes, if you are in the trenches, you just want a professional. Not someone who’s going to immerse themselves in the interpersonal politics or have independent needs.

Wait, I think I just accidentally advocated for call girls.

Nick: You did. That is kind of what it was. But the transaction wasn’t money- or sex-based; it was adventure-based. Purely hoodlum. And that’s the whole spirit behind the trend, right? Just looking for someone who is detached from all the otherwise stressful elements and can therefore commit to having fun?

The Internet truly is a wonderful place. Have fun out there. If you can't be smart, be safe. [The Hairpin]