67-year-old billionaire celebrates divorce by sending limo sex tape to his friends

Stewart Rahr is a 67-year-old billionaire who was recently honored by The Make a Wish Foundation after he donated $10 million. You might recognize his bright yellow Ray-Bans or recall that he sold his pharmaceutical company, Kinray, for $1.3 billion back in 2010. Well, the self-proclaimed "King of All Fun" recently one-upped himself when he reportedly celebrated his divorce by filming himself having an orgy in the back of a limo with three women and subsequently sent that video to pretty much everyone with a smartphone.

In the clip we’ve seen, the orange-faced pharmaceutical mogul can be heard murmuring appreciatively and urging the three brunettes to perform sex acts on each other. The short-skirt-wearing women comply with gusto, making out before moving onto more explicit acts, which Rahr, 67, closely films. The song “I Don’t Care, I Love It” can be heard in the background. He then sent out the sex tape to scores of outraged New Yorkers with the message, “What a trip, what a crew!”

His lawyer chimed in to remind everyone that—regardless of what you're thinking right now—a 67-year-old guy sending a self-shot orgy video to everyone in his contacts isn't really that big of a deal, when you think about it.

Asked about the sex tape, Rahr’s lawyer Ben Brafman said, “However inappropriate or offensive the footage might appear to some, all the women are consenting adults who were engaged in friendly, voluntary and lawful behavior.”

The real issues, though, are whether or not Rahr was in violation of society's strict "Half Your Age + 7" rule and why there's still an entire subsection of the population that thinks it's okay to send unsolicited amateur pornography straight into other people's pockets. Oh, and that he calls himself "Stewie Rah Rah." Not cool, man. [New York Post]