Loser reveals secret sex with Bachelorette

Bachelorette Andi Dorfman telling the guy who finished second, Nick Viall, how she tried to let him down gently, during ABC's "After the Final Rose," on ABC July 28, 2014.

Apparently something shocking happened last night on the three-hour finale of ABC's The Bachelorette.

The last romantic reject revealed serious hanky-panky went on during one of those "fantasy suite dates."

Whoops. Was that supposed to be a secret?

The first two hours were full of the usual tortured hopes and fears, resulting in Andi Dorfman giving the final rose to ex-baseball player Josh Murray and accepting his proposal.

Then came After the Final Rose, where a studio audience got to react as the show's principals rehashed and emoted about the aftermath.

Host Chris Harrison shared that sales executive Nick Viall was so devastated, he even stalked, er, followed Dorfmann to Mexico while she was on vacation, but she refused to speak to him.

She couldn't avoid him last night.

"If you weren't in love with me, I'm just not sure why you made love to me," Nick said,

Dorfmann, was "visibly stunned," and reacted "angrily," "as the audience gasped," according to reports.

“First of all that’s below the belt, something that should be private and kept private,” Dorfman said. “The things I did with you, said to you, the way I kissed you, the way I looked at you — those things were real. ...” 

"That was like, fiance-type of stuff," he said. "... “I felt like it was a little cavalier knowing how much that meant.”

"I did care about you,” Dorfmann insisted, though she'd earlier made clear she never fell in love with him and never told him she had.

One of the strongest reactions came from Nikki Ferrell, who befriended Dorfman while filming the most recent season of The Bachelor, which aired earlier this year. Ferrell, a Missouri nurse, was chosen by former Venezuelan soccer player Juan Pablo Galavis, and supposedly they're still dating.

Ferrell blamed ABC, not Viall, adding the hashtag trash to her tweet.

The episodes can be streamed online at ABC.com.

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