The 'Office Space' guy is about to take Mark Zuckerberg to the woodshed

You might not be familiar with Mike Judge, but you definitely know his work. Beavis and Butt-Head. King of the Hill. Office Space. The criminally unappreciated 2006 effort, Idiocracy.

Thanks to a recent collaboration with HBO, Judge and his team of companions have set their sights on Silicon Valley. The aptly named Silicon Valley is set to premiere on the now-infamous HBO Sunday night lineup in just a few short days. Ahead of the television premiere, Judge and showrunner Alec Berg spoke with The Daily Beast for a piece that bills the new vehicle as a cross between Revenge of the Nerds and Entourage.

If you spend any time at all on the Internet, love the work of actors like Martin Starr and T.J. MIller, still cackle at Office Space references, or have ever once visited America's startup hub, do yourself a favor and check out the Q&A with Judge and tune in to HBO on Sunday night (or set your DVR, or whatever).

Silicon Valley is like self-parody at this point. Do you have a favorite detail—something you read about somewhere or discovered in your research—that you just imported directly into the show?

Alec Berg: Well, we started to notice that people kept using the phrase “making the world a better place.” And every time somebody would say it in earnest, it was one of those things where we’d be like, “Hmm. They sure do say that a lot.” It kind of became a running joke. It’s like this obligatory thing—like, if you’re thanking your wife or you’re winning an award, you’re expected to say, “We’re going to do this and do this—and make the world a better place.”


Judge: One of the first incubators we go to, they bring out the first company and the guy pitches his whole platform or app, and then at the end, just like Alec is saying, he goes, “Oh, and making the world a better place.” Sort of as an afterthought.

Berg: There are tons of things where we’re keeping a file or sending each other links, like, “Holy shit. This is hilarious. We have to touch on this in the show in some way. [The Daily Beast]

Click here to watch the trailer.