WATCH: Louis C.K. competes on SNL's 'Black Jeopardy!'

Louis C.K. competes against SNL cast members on 'Black Jeopardy.' (Screenshot via NBC)

Saturday Night Live had already mastered the Jeopardy! parody. Nearly 20 years ago, Will Ferrell played a frustrated Alex Trebek struggling to work with a hopeless collection of Celebrity Jeopardy! contestants, led by Darrell Hammond as a crass Sean Connery.

On Saturday, SNL found a new way to have fun with the trivia game: Black Jeopardy!

Kennan Thompson hosted as Darnell Hayes, AKA, “Alex Treblack,” and presented categories such as “It’s Been A Minute,” “Pssh,” and a favorite of Louis C.K.’s character, “White People.”

C.K. plays an African-American Studies professor who believes he can compete on the show.  Watch the video below to see how he fares.